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  • Garmin Drivesmart 65 Review

    Garmin Drivesmart 65 – with Amazon Alexa

    The Garmin Drivesmart 65 is a premium sat nav with a huge screen. It comes with lots of customizable features. and benefits from having Amazon Alexa Built-In. Using Alexa Skills you can integrate further with your Smart Home System. Add to this the databases of both TripAdvisor and Foursquare for POIs and trip planning and…

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  • 3 Best Motorcycle GPS

    Best Motorcycle GPS – Top 3 for 2022

    It can be a difficult task to choose the best motorcycle GPS for you and your bike. There are several different devices available today, each with their own particular set of features. How can you possibly make sense of it all and get the best GPS for your money? After all, if you’re anything like…

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  • Garmin Zumo XT Review

    Garmin Zumo XT – An Initial Review

    Garmin Zumo XT Review Are you a motorcycle enthusiast always on the hunt for a thrill? Then you probably know what it’s like to be running your bike all over and suddenly realizing you have no idea where you are! When I’m out on my bike and enjoying the road, I end up losing all…

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  • Comparison of Garmin XT vs 595

    Garmin Zumo XT vs 595 – which is the best choice in 2020?

    Garmin has just released its latest motorcycling GPS, the Zumo XT. As a result of this new release, the price of the other Zumo devices is beginning to fall. So what should you do? Should you splash out and purchase the new Zumo XT or should you perhaps grab a bargain with a Zumo 595?…

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  • Garmin Dezl 780 review

    Garmin dezl 780 review – is it the best trucker GPS?

    It is hard to understand the duties and responsibilities of a truck driver unless you have worked in their position. They have to transfer cargo from point A to point B almost every day of their job. Being a truck driver means you will have to go to new destinations most days and also arrive…

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  • Garmin Vivofit jr 2 – does it get kids active?

    A fitness tracker designed for kids – does it actually work? Will it get kids away from their screens and playing outside?

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  • Best Sat Nav

    Garmin DriveAssist Review

    I was rather excited to be carrying out a Garmin DriveAssist Review. Why? Well, it’s because  this sat nav is a little different from the other models that are available on the market. This has a distinguishing feature that makes it stand out from the crowd. What is it? Well, I guess you’ll have to…

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  • Garmin DriveSmart Review 50/60/70 LMT

    This GPS is part of Garmin’s new product offering that they unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in January of this year. This particular device is a step up from their new  budget offering, the Garmin Drive. This sat nav comes with some additional features that they hope will encourage you to part…

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  • Garmin Drive GPS

    Garmin Drive GPS – New Product Range Launched

    Back in January 2016, Garmin announced that they were releasing a new range of “Garmin Drive GPS” devices. They claim that these new products are designed to provide motorists with additional features that will help make driving safer. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what new features are available with these devices and see if…

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  • Garmin nuvi 2797 LMT sale

    Garmin nuvi 2797 LMT sale on Amazon

    The first thing you notice about the Garmin nuvi 2797 is the sheer size of it. Compared to some of my other devices it just seems huge. My immediate concern was that the screen of the device would just be too big and too distracting whilst driving. I was therefore delighted to see the Garmin nuvi 2797…

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  • garmin nuvi 2597

    Garmin nuvi 2597 – should you buy it?

    The Garmin nuvi 2597LMT has been available for a few years. Is it still worth considering today?

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  • Garmin nuvi 55 LM Review

    Garmin nuvi 55 Review – Best Seller on Amazon

    We decided to carry out a Garmin nuvi 55 review as this device is ranked as a bestseller on Amazon. As always we’ll be putting the device through its paces and will provide you with our unbiased opinion as to whether it deserves its spot at the top of the bestseller charts. This is Amazon’s Number…

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  • Sat Nav Screen Protector – should you get one?

    The screen of my TomTom GO 50 is now scratched. I took it off the windscreen mount and threw it into the front pocket of my backpack. No big deal you might say? Usually not, except this time I had a big bunch of keys and a load of coins there too. I guess it’s not…

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  • Garmin nuvi 42lm portable gps – discontinued?

    Here we take an in-depth look at the Garmin nuvi 42LM. We find that it may well be the budget device you’ve been looking for.

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  • Garmin How to Update

    How To Update Garmin Maps – An Easy Guide

    Table of Contents Garmin updates their GPS devices maps and software with new features on a frequent basis. Some software updates affect the functionality of the device, while others will enhance your user experience by improving the mapping function. This guide covers how you can update your Garmin in order to ensure that you receive…

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  • Garmin BC30

    Garmin BC30 wireless camera installation – part 2

    If you’ve managed to get this far then if your like me, you’ll be feeling pretty pleased with yourself! These DIY projects are good fun but in my experience working on a car is always a little more tricky than the internet lets on. Actually, it’s exactly the same for me with plumbing issues also!…

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  • Garmin BC 30 wireless backup camera installation – easy DIY guide

    Since my last review, of the Garmin 67LM, there have been some follow-up queries. A couple of our readers asked whether the Garmin BC30 wireless backup camera was compatible with their devices. They also wanted to know if it was suitable for different types of vehicles. For those of you who aren’t aware of what it is, the BC30 is…

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  • Garmin vs TomTom – which is better?

    Are you considering purchasing a new GPS device for your vehicle? If so, then you’ve probably realized that the market is dominated by only a few manufacturers. And if this is the case, then you’ve probably been considering the following question: Garmin vs TomTom, which is better? We have used lots of devices from both…

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  • Garmin nuvi 67LM review – Is it good value?

    Garmin’s nuvi 67LM is part of their budget range of sat nav devices. It’s joined by the 57LM, 58LM and the 68LM in the entry level line up. It therefore, competes with the likes of the TomTom GO 50 for you attention (and your money of course!). This device comes with a 6inch screen and the letters (LM) tell…

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  • Garmin 2599

    Garmin nuvi 2599 Review – is it as good as TomTom?

    Can the Garmin nuvi 2599 stand up to the competition?

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