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  • TomTom Common Faults: Top Issues & Quick Fixes You Need to Know

    TomTom navigation devices are renowned for their user-friendly interface and accurate mapping. However, like any electronic device, they may encounter some TomTom common faults. In this article, you will learn about these issues and how to address them effectively. Some of the typical problems you may face with your TomTom device include issues with starting…

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  • 3 Best Kayaking GPS – Our Buying Guide 2023

    Hey there, my water loving adventure-seekers! Going on a kayaking trip can be an absolute blast, as you get to explore the water, connect with nature, and enjoy some stunning scenery. However, things can get pretty scary if you end up getting lost on the water. That’s where a trusty kayak GPS comes in handy!…

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  • TomTom Go 5000 Battery Replacement – Easy to follow Guide

    Batteries within electronic devices have a finite lifespan, and in time they can fail. Once the battery life of your TomTom Go 5000 fails, then you have a couple of options available to you. You can replace the GPS and get a newer model, or you could take the more frugal and probably more environmentally…

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  • What Does GPS Stand For?

    What Does GPS Stand For? GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a satellite-based navigation system that allows users to determine their location on Earth, as well as the time of day and speed at which they are traveling. The system was developed by the United States Military and has been used commercially since the early…

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  • Garmin Approach S60 review golf

    Garmin Approach S60 Review – the best golf watch yet?

    Is this the world’s best golf watch? One of my goals for last year was to level up my golf game. If I wanted to get my game to the point where I could stay consistently under par, I had a fair way to go – excuse the pun. Seriously, I had a very long…

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  • Garmin Drivesmart 65 Review

    Garmin Drivesmart 65 – with Amazon Alexa

    The Garmin Drivesmart 65 is a premium sat nav with a huge screen. It comes with lots of customizable features. and benefits from having Amazon Alexa Built-In. Using Alexa Skills you can integrate further with your Smart Home System. Add to this the databases of both TripAdvisor and Foursquare for POIs and trip planning and…

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  • 3 Best Motorcycle GPS

    Best Motorcycle GPS – Top 3 for 2022

    It can be a difficult task to choose the best motorcycle GPS for you and your bike. There are several different devices available today, each with their own particular set of features. How can you possibly make sense of it all and get the best GPS for your money? After all, if you’re anything like…

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  • Garmin Zumo XT Review

    Garmin Zumo XT – An Initial Review

    Garmin Zumo XT Review Are you a motorcycle enthusiast always on the hunt for a thrill? Then you probably know what it’s like to be running your bike all over and suddenly realizing you have no idea where you are! When I’m out on my bike and enjoying the road, I end up losing all…

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  • Comparison of Garmin XT vs 595

    Garmin Zumo XT vs 595 – which is the best choice in 2020?

    Garmin has just released its latest motorcycling GPS, the Zumo XT. As a result of this new release, the price of the other Zumo devices is beginning to fall. So what should you do? Should you splash out and purchase the new Zumo XT or should you perhaps grab a bargain with a Zumo 595?…

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  • TomTom Rider 550 Review

    TomTom Rider 550 Review – Is it the best motorcycle sat nav?

    Having happily used the TomTom Rider 40 for a few years I decided it was probably time to check out the newer version. The Rider 550 has been available for some time and has received plenty of good reviews. Are these positive reviews justified and should you consider buying one? With this in mind, I…

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