Garmin Drive GPS – New Product Range Launched



Garmin Drive GPS

Back in January 2016, Garmin announced that they were releasing a new range of “Garmin Drive GPS” devices. They claim that these new products are designed to provide motorists with additional features that will help make driving safer.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what new features are available with these devices and see if it’s worth upgrading your current model. I have included a comparison table at the bottom of the page in order to make it easy to see the differences between the products.

Garmin Drive GPS

Driver Alerts

In my opinion, this is the biggest innovation with the Garmin Drive Series. Essentially what you get is a series of alerts that are designed to make your journey safer. What exactly does it do you may ask?

A Traffic Jam That May Be Best To Avoid!

Well, you’ll be pre-warned of a sharp turn or an upcoming fork in the road. You will receive an alert when you are approaching a red light or when there is a traffic jam or accident up ahead.

Other features include audible warnings when the speed limit changes quickly or when there is a school zone up ahead. You will also be told off if you find your self driving the wrong way up a one-way road! So you see, the sat nav can now tell you off just like a traveling spouse could!

The driver alert that I am most impressed with however is the fatigue warning. Tiredness whilst driving kills. It’s a fact. These devices will warn you when you have been driving long distances without any decent driving breaks. I know myself that sometimes I need someone to tell me to pull over and grab a coffee. It is good to stop, relax, and just take your eyes off the road for a while when you have been driving long distances. If it takes a little machine to get people to pull over then I’m all for it!

Smart Connections

Designed so that the motorist may keep their hands on the wheel. You can activate the sat nav with your voice, make calls (once your phone is hooked up via Bluetooth) and read your text messages on a split-screen. I will be putting these features through their paces over the next couple of weeks

Camera Connections

These devices allow you to add a camera that will continually record or let you see what is behind you.

[wpsm_numbox num=”1″ style=”4″]The Garmin Dash Cam looks out straight ahead from the cockpit and continuously records your journey. If you were involved in an accident or an impact of any sort then the camera will automatically record the incident. A useful feature if you ever have to deal with insurance companies at any stage in the future.[/wpsm_numbox]

[wpsm_numbox num=”2″ style=”4″]The Garmin BC30 is a wireless camera that lets you see those pedestrians, kids on bikes etc that walk behind the car when your at the wheel.  [/wpsm_numbox]

[wpsm_numbox num=”3″ style=”4″]The Garmin Baby Cam allows the driver to keep an eye on the kids in the back of the car without having to turn around.You can view the kids on the screen of your sat nav device, pretty handy particularly if you have more than one child back there![/wpsm_numbox]

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”1″ class=”hover-col1 center-table-align”]

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