Garmin nuvi 67LM review – Is it good value?

  • By: Dylan
  • Date: July 21, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Garmin’s nuvi 67LM is part of their budget range of sat nav devices. It’s joined by the 57LM, 58LM and the 68LM in the entry level line up. It therefore, competes with the likes of the TomTom GO 50 for you attention (and your money of course!). This device comes with a 6inch screen and the letters (LM) tell us that it comes with Lifetime Maps. In reviewing the Garmin nuvi 67LM, I’ll be telling you what I liked and what I didn’t like about the device. Then we can decide if it’s good value or not?

Garmin Nuvi 67 LM

Product Features

As with all my other reviews let’s jump straight in and see exactly what the Garmin nuvi 67LM offers us…


  • Value for money
  • Good bright 6inch screen
  • Dual orientation
  • Trip planner
  • Superior POIs
  • Good mounting system


  • Battery life
  • No Voice Recognition
  • No traffic updates
  • Lack of Bluetooth integration
  • No 3D maps
  • No pedestrian route option

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The design of the unit is similar to the other Garmin devices on offer. The device is simply a slim and rectangular box that looks well stuck onto the windscreen. What else would I want? There’s really not much else I can add that hasn’t been mentioned in previous Garmin nuvi reviews – check out nuvi 2599 for further details. In short though, it’s a slickly designed device and it gets the thumbs up from me!


The 67LM like the (68LM) comes with a big 6inch screen. The display is bright, clear and easy to read whilst driving. The increase in the number of pixels to 800 x 480 provides a better-looking display than previous models in the Essential Series.

Just like your television set at home – the higher the number of pixels the greater the clarity of the images on the screen. There is a marked improvement in the screen quality when compared next to the nuvi 57LM which only has a 480 x 272 pixel screen.

A feature of the Garmin range is that their devices are dual orientated. That is, you can attach it to your windscreen or dashboard in landscape or portrait position.

When driving I always have my devices centrally located in the landscape position within the cabin area. For some reason, I’ve never felt quite comfortable with the device in the ‘sideways’ portrait position. If however, you like to place the sat nav in between the steering wheel and the driver’s door it suddenly makes sense as there is far less room in this area.


When I switched the device on it managed to get a ‘lock’ on my location within 20-30 seconds! That’s impressive and it could even be a record for a new device of mine. Inputting your destination is straightforward and the device will provide you with some prompts until you choose where you want to go.

Unfortunately, there is no voice recognition with this device and therefore you will have to tap everything into the screen. To be fair, as this is an entry-level device it’s not an unexpected omission and in my view, it’s certainly not a deal-breaker.

If however, voice commands are something you do require from a device then you will have to spend a bit more money on a different model. Check out my previous reviews on either the Garmin nuvi 2599 or the TomTom GO 5000 for some typical examples of devices with voice recognition;

The Garmin nuvi 67LM uses Foursquare to complement your ‘Places of Interest’ searches. If you’re looking for something specific e.g. a Barber, then you get a list of all the barbershops nearby or at your destination. The list will also tell your distance from the barbershops along with their general direction – ‘NE’ for North Easterly or ‘SW’ for South Westerly.

Since adding Foursquare to their devices users now have access to more relevant POIs than previously. I have certainly found it useful when searching for a restaurant in an unfamiliar town – finding a good curry house is worth its weight in gold!

Direct Access Feature

Worth mentioning also is the addition of the ‘Direct Access’ feature. This feature provides you with exact location information. As an example, it will tell you that the store your searching for is located on the second floor, right-hand side. As I don’t tend to visit shopping centers then I must admit to not having used this feature.

My wife, on the other hand, has used it to find a store within a large shopping center. Apparently, it worked a treat and saved her a good bit of time as she didn’t have to wander around aimlessly searching for this shop. However, it doesn’t quite explain why she went missing for another couple of hours in the shopping center! In fairness, I don’t believe for one minute that the sat nav could be blamed for those missing hours! Do you?

In previous blogs like the Garmin nuvi 2599 I have discussed why I have reservations about Garmin Real Directions. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t feel that natural when using this device. If your not aware of this feature it is designed to provide real directions – you will be told to “turn right after the church” or to “turn left after the statue” etc.

My sister is a big fan of this feature as she believes it’s easier for someone who has no concept of distance – “turn left in 600 meters” means nothing to her.

My issue, however, is that it’s actually not that useful if you are not familiar with your location. It leaves me looking for both the actual turning I need and the landmark/building that precedes it. In fact, I have found it to be a bit of a hindrance to my driving at times. I find myself looking at the sat nav, listening to the instructions whilst simultaneously looking for that landmark that marks the turning up ahead. Or perhaps, my brain is simply inflexible and likes the status quo when it comes to sat-nav devices providing navigational instructions!

Garmin Lane Assist
Lane Assist in action

The Garmin nuvi 67LM also comes with Lane Assist with Junction view. With this feature, the screen will split into two providing further assistance when approaching a junction. You will get both the usual navigational screen along with what’s best described as a computerized photo of the road layout ahead.  This is a really good feature and it worked well for me when I joining or leaving major roads. It ensured that I was in the right lane at the right time – which is exactly what it should do!

Mounting System

The Garmin nuvi 67LM uses a simple suction cup to mount it onto the dashboard or windscreen. The device then simply clicks into place onto the holder. I’ve had no issues with the mounting system when it’s fixed onto the glass of the windscreen.

It did however have a tendency to fall off when mounted onto the dash, particularly when I took a roundabout or a sharp turn (honestly, I don’t take those corners too hard!). So, to prevent rooting around on the passenger side of the car looking for a fallen sat nav, just stick the thing onto the glass!

Garmin advertises this unit as being compatible with the Back Up/Reversing Camera BC-30This is a completely separate option that allows you to see what’s behind you as you reverse. A useful feature if you struggle with backing up, but completely unnecessary if you have a built-in camera system already.

Garmin recommends that you get the camera installed by a professional as it requires a permanent power connection. This will however mean spending more money – which to be perfectly honest is why I haven’t purchased one 😉 If however, it’s something you think might be useful then head over to Amazon to read some other reviews of the camera.


This is a super little sat nav if you are looking for a cheaper device. The addition of lifetime maps (although no traffic updates) makes it worthy of consideration. Yes, it’s missing voice recognition and it doesn’t have Bluetooth integration, but it has a good clear screen and it will happily get you to your destination without having to rely upon cellular signals. You can plan your trip, stop off at various places and utilize Foursquare for more information. All-in-all it packs a pretty decent punch for the price.

  • Battery Life (hours): Up to 1 hour
  • Bluetooth Handsfree: No
  • Lane Guidance: Yes
  • Lifetime Map Updates: Yes
  • Mapping: UK, ROI & Europe OR North America
  • Screen Size: 6″
  • Screen Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Device Size: 16.8 x 9.4 x 2.1 cm
  • Traffic: No

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Garmin nuvi 67LM

  1. Thanks for a very informative and in depth review of the Garmin nuvi 67lm satnav.
    We are in the market for a good quality satnav but it’s a minefield to be able to settle on one which encompasses all you require and is at the same time reliable.
    I’m not sure if we will go for another Garmin because ours, although being a budget satnav (54LM) is really unreliable and ‘Serena’ is always taking us down narrow roads and ‘short-cuts’ which end up making the journey twice as long as necessary. There is a facility for taking the fastest route but this never seems to be the case.
    Can you recommend a satnav that is really reliable and is more the top of the range, Garmin or otherwise? Ches

    1. Hi Ches,

      I’m glad the review was useful for you.

      The Garmin nuvi 67lm is a good little device but my favorite at the moment is the TomTom Go 5000 that I reviewed previously. I have found the Traffic updates to be more or less spot on and it’s what differentiates it from Garmin – it’s that little bit more accurate. I also really like the fact that there’s no data roaming charges to be paid as it comes with an inbuilt sim card.

      If you would prefer to stick with a premium Garmin product then take a look at the Garmin nuviCam LMTHD, which I am currently testing. And so far it looks like a super device and it comes with a lot of extras – including an inbuilt dash cam and driver alerts if you get to close to the car in front. It’s very likely to be my new favorite toy!

      Bear in mind that some people have found it difficult to change from one brand of a sat nav to another. It’s probably best described as moving from a PC to an Apple computer – they have different operating systems and it can take time to familiarise yourself with them!

      Feel free to drop me a line if you need anymore advice,



  2. When I am driving in places that I don’t know very well, I feel a lot safer when I have Satnav in the car to guide me. I appreciate this review of this Garmin product because it tells me both the pros and the cons and gives me much to consider before buying. I just want to make sure I don’t get lost, so is it the right one for me in your opinion?

  3. Hi Dylan

    You have written an excellent review very detailed and easy for someone like me to understand. I am a Newbie to these devices. The Garmin nuvi 67lm sounds perfect for me.

    I see I too would struggle with the real directions, but it could be an interesting feature nonetheless! Is this the best option if you haven’t owned one before?



    1. Hi Ethan,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review of the Garmin nuvi 67lm – it’s a great little device that comes at a reasonable price.

      The Garmin ‘real directions’ feature will either work for you fantastically or you’ll just be able to take it or leave it! As a concept it’s really quite clever and I do know that it will improve over the next few months as more details/landmarks are input into it.

      It may also be easier to use it if you haven’t owned a GPS before – perhaps I’m just too old and set in my ways!

      Either way your not going to go far wrong with this 6inch sat nav, particularly given the price!

      Happy driving,


  4. Great review man!

    I have been looking for a new gps to use in my car. How would you say the Garm Nuvi 67lm compares to using Google Maps?

    I don’t like using my phone when I am driving, but it is so necessary sometimes when I am lost.

    Let me know whatcha think!

    1. Hey Evan,

      Great question and one that probably deserves a separate post if i’m being honest!

      There are positives and negatives for both Garmin devices and the smartphones that utilise Google maps. I have used both and would often compare the results and particularly the suggested driving route.

      The Garmin (or TomTom) devices are dedicated navigational screens and they have better, clearer screens. The smartphone however will now always have some level of traffic data provided (albeit potentially at an additional cost) It depends on the model of GPS device it the Traffic data is offered to you or not – and even then the older devices require a data connection to work correctly.

      The newer GPS devices have an inbuilt Sim that provides a continues Traffic connection (at no additional cost). They also won’t drain the battery of your smartphone!

      So, in response to your question it all depends on your GPS device! Check out another one of my reviews, the TomTom Go 5000 for a device that has all of these features.

      Hope this helps,


  5. Thanks for the great article on the garmin sat nav, I have been a pretty big fan of the garmin products (have the fitness watches, and other devices). I am in the market for a new garmin GPS and this review was very helpful. I will be sure to revisit your site in the near future to look at all the other posts that you are going to create!

    1. Hey Dyl (great name by the way!)

      I’m glad the article was useful 🙂 There’ll be plenty of GPS related articles coming over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!



  6. Awesome review! I have a GPS built into my car and every time I pick my mom up to drive her somewhere she always talks about how she wish she had one in her car. She has a terrible fear of getting lost so she never drives to places she isn’t completely comfortable with. Thus making me take her places. I have been contemplating getting her something like this for her, but i worry about the complexity.

    While this doesnt have voice recognition, bluetooth or traffic updates, i think that can actually be a benefit for someone like her. I think this might be exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    I’m bookmarking your page for further reference and definitely will be checking into this. Thank you so much for the thorough review!

    1. Hi Brandy,

      This could indeed the ideal device for both of you!

      Your mother gets a straightforward and easy to use device and you get to stay at home 🙂



    1. Hi Willber,

      Your absolutely right – my bad! I’ve updated the final score to reflect the results of the review.


  7. Hi Dylan,
    thanks for your review on THE Garmin Nuvi 67 lm. I’m a fan of Garmin and own a few of their GPS’s. I’m am not particularly fond of the Nuvi 67 LM as traffic updates and Bluetooth is important features for me. I love getting traffic updates and suggestions for alternate routes to avoid delays. Also if it were Bluetooth enabled, I would be able to control it from my smartphone. Thanks again for your review.

    1. Hi Jerome,

      Many thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, it’s much appreciated. Most people buy a sat nav to help them calculate a route however, the ability to receive traffic updates etc in my view is an undervalued feature of many of these devices.

      Many thanks


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