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  • Do GPS Dog Fences Work? (The Truth About Their Effectiveness)

    GPS dog fences have become increasingly popular over the years to keep dogs contained within a certain boundary, with no need for any physical ground fences. But the question remains, do GPS dog fences work? While traditional electric dog fences use a physical boundary to keep dogs contained, GPS dog fences create a virtual fence…

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  • Best GPS for Cats

    4 Best GPS for Cats

    Cats are great pets but they are super independent. What happens if your cat gets lost? Well, using a GPS tracker means that you’ll alway be able to find your cat anytime that they might go missing.

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  • TomTom cases – worth buying?

    I emptied the glove box of the jeep this week. I hadn’t done so for quite  long time. It’s amazing the amount of stuff that just accumulates in that relatively small space. There were pens, pencils, a small colouring book, some Nespresso capsules, a bottle opener, loads of receipts and a GPS case. It holds an…

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  • Sat Nav Screen Protector – should you get one?

    The screen of my TomTom GO 50 is now scratched. I took it off the windscreen mount and threw it into the front pocket of my backpack. No big deal you might say? Usually not, except this time I had a big bunch of keys and a load of coins there too. I guess it’s not…

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  • Garmin BC30

    Garmin BC30 wireless camera installation – part 2

    If you’ve managed to get this far then if your like me, you’ll be feeling pretty pleased with yourself! These DIY projects are good fun but in my experience working on a car is always a little more tricky than the internet lets on. Actually, it’s exactly the same for me with plumbing issues also!…

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  • Garmin BC 30 wireless backup camera installation – easy DIY guide

    Since my last review, of the Garmin 67LM, there have been some follow-up queries. A couple of our readers asked whether the Garmin BC30 wireless backup camera was compatible with their devices. They also wanted to know if it was suitable for different types of vehicles. For those of you who aren’t aware of what it is, the BC30 is…

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  • TomTom Sat Nav – High Speed Multi Charger

    If your car is anything like ours then USB chargers are like gold dust. A typical car journey sees the kids looking to charge their tablets, the wife wanting to charge her camera and my phone needing a charge. On top of all this wangling and bartering for the chargers we still have to get to…

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