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  • By: Dylan
  • Date: February 29, 2016
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Map updates and the sales of different regional maps have long been a fantastic earner for GPS manufacturers. Sure enough you purchased a GPS a couple of years back and it’s great, but unfortunately the maps are now out of date. Sound familiar? Thankfully, this situation is becoming less and less the norm with the introduction of services like TomTom Lifetime Maps. Lifetime World Maps

What is TomTom Lifetime Maps?

This is a feature where you will receive regular map updates free of charge. You will be able to download up to 4 full map updates to your device every year. That’s one update every quarter. This will ensure that your TomTom GPS is always up to date with all the latest map updates.

This means that any changes to the roads etc will be reflected on your GPS as they become available. It means that any updates to the road networks, any changes in the Points of Interest and any changes to addresses will be updated on your GPS.

The Lifetime support does not refer to your lifetime but, rather to the lifetime of the device. Specifically, the updates will remain free of charge as long as the device continues to be supported by TomTom.

*Lifetime – this is the useful life of the device, which means the period of time that TomTom continues to support your device with software updates, services, content or accessories. A device will have reached the end of its life when none of these are available any more. – TomTom

Do I have TomTom Lifetime Maps?

The easiest way to see if you have a TomTom GPS with Lifetime Maps is to look at the box. If you see this logo anywhere then your in luck and your device comes with Lifetime maps included.

Lifetime Maps


Are the Map Updates Different?

The map updates will include any changes recorded in the road networks for your particular maps. There will also be updates to the Points of Interest functions included within the software package.

Usually you won’t see huge differences in the map updates when your using them. However, where they will come into their own is when road junctions have been changed or a new road has recently been opened. This will ensure that these changes are taken into account and your calculated route will be the best available.

My Device Memory is Full – Help!

This has been and continues to be my main gripe with the GPS manufacturers. As the maps are updated the file size also increases. This makes perfect sense however, what doesn’t make sense is that the devices themselves do not have enough memory space available to take the updated maps. Take a look at my review of the TomTom Go 500 where updating the maps literally broke my heart!

If you find that there is not enough space left on your GPS for the updated maps there are a couple of options available to you.

  1. Using TomTom Home or My Drive Connect (the software on your computer) choose the maps to be used on the device. You can switch between the maps that you think that you may need for your journeys.
  2. Install a memory card (if your device supports this function) that will provide the additional storage required to enable the map updates to complete on the device

What if I Purchase a Second Hand TomTom?

Nowadays many people buy second hand or reconditioned sat navs.

The Lifetime Maps feature on TomTom devices stays with the device and not the person who initially purchased the GPS. That means if you pass your GPS onto somebody else then they will be able to avail of the Map Updates.

TomTom deserve a pat on the back for allowing the map updates to be passed on with the GPS.

Good on ya TomTom!

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  1. Hello Dylan,
    thank you very much for your article. In my opinion TomTom life maps is a very good thing, because I can remember the time, when my grandpa needed to update his old navigation device and payed around 40€.
    So TomTom makes that much better for the customer.

    1. Hi Fabian,

      TomTom have certainly taken strides to make things better for the customer. It’s now possible to buy a GPS with Lifetime World Maps with free updates so buying additional maps should never need to arise.

      These devices can also come with an inbuilt sim card meaning that they are always ‘connected’ – meaning that there won’t be any need for a smartphone or any additional costs for receiving those traffic updates.

      These ‘future proofed’ devices do come at an additional cost to the more basic device. I guess it’s something to weigh up at the time of purchase. If you need additional features or want to be able to update maps for free periodically then it’s probably worth it.



  2. Hey Boyo,

    Great content site with useful information. Do you know if there are apps in the IO S Store available that has the same free upgrades than the regular GPS? Some user may choose to use a cell phones instead of the GPS, also, do you know if the upgrade is available for cars also? Thanks!

    1. Hi Walter,

      There are quite a few apps available for your smart phones, some of them are better than others. It’s worth checking them individually before you purchase or download them as to how often the maps etc are updated.

      With the car GPS you can update the software and the maps of the device by hooking it up to your computer. Many devices now offer free Lifetime map Updates.

      All the best,


  3. I am going to have to look into this as my map being very out of date (about 4 years out of date – ahem) is one of the reasons I was going to change my TomTom sat nav – but I love my current sat nav as it has everything I need in it and some of the later versions missed some of the bells and whistles. So thanks for this as I keep getting reminders that my map is out of date so this will probably force me to update it properly

    1. Hi Evie,

      I’m glad the information was helpful to you and even happier if it means that it has saved you some money!

      Hopefully once you have updated your maps it’ll be like having a new GPS sitting on your dash! Feel free to give me a shout if you run into any issues with the updating.

      Happy navigating,


  4. That’s great that Tom Tom will be making map updates 4 times a year. I’m considering purchasing a GPS in the future and it sounds like Tom Tom may be a good choice. Would you know if there is a Tom Tom app for Android? It would be cool to use this on my phone as well. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kevin,

      TomTom do indeed make some great devices so you won’t go too far wrong!

      There is also an app available on Android through the Play Store. I think that you get a certain amount of miles for free with the app. If you go over this preset distance then you’ll be billed. Another great reason to buy a sat nav with regular updates 😉



  5. Just like you pointed out, I’ve also ran into the problem of having a full memory. You suggest to buy a new memory card, are they expensive? Any idea on where I can get them?

    Really like your site, I bookmarked it so I can always check it again in the future when I need more advice.


    1. Hi Vincent,

      Thankfully memory cards have really come down in price over the past few years – check out this memory card which you can pick up for around $11.

      If you are unsure of what card is compatible with your device then head over to the TomTom support site where you can check compatibility.

      Hope this helps,


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