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  • TomTom Sat Nav Reviews – TomTom Go 5000

    The Go 5000 is TomTom’s premium offering in their satellite navigation products. In case you were wondering the TomTom Go 6000 is exactly the same unit, the only difference being the screen size. The Go 5000 has a 5″ screen whilst the 6000 has a 6″ screen. Oh, and there’s also a difference in price of…

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  • TomTom Sat Nav – High Speed Multi Charger

    If your car is anything like ours then USB chargers are like gold dust. A typical car journey sees the kids looking to charge their tablets, the wife wanting to charge her camera and my phone needing a charge. On top of all this wangling and bartering for the chargers we still have to get to…

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  • Best Sat Nav TomTom Go 50

    TomTom Go 50 Review – Entry Level Navigation

    TomTom currently has three different ranges of car satellite navigation products. There are some differences in the capabilities of each sat nav and this is reflected in the pricing of the models. I hope this TomTom Go 50 review will provide you with a good understanding of the product along with an overview of the positives and the…

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