Funny GPS Jokes

  • By: Dylan
  • Date: February 9, 2016
  • Time to read: 2 min.

One of our readers sent me a link to this video. It came about as we were exchanging messages on funny GPS jokes. The clip is taken from a show that was shown on the BBC a few years back – Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventures.

The premise of the show saw Oz Clarke, a wine expert and writer, accompany James May, a journalist specialising in motors, on a trip around the UK and Ireland. The show was also broadcast in the US under the title ‘James May Drinks To Britain’. What made the show so successful was the relationship and the banter that existed between the two presenters. In the clip above they find that if you change the voice of your sat nav device into a different language, the results may be rather amusing!

The actual word that tickles the two lads is the Romanian for ‘exits’ – which is ‘ieșiri’, which sounds like….@h&*s……….in English!


Funny GPS Jokes

Here is a collection of some (admittedly rather cheesy!) funny GPS jokes to put a smile on your face:

  • My wife bought me a Bon Jovi sat nav. Thankfully we’re halfway there!
  • A sign at the local mall car-park said “Thieves want your sat nav”. I just thought, “well, they can get lost.”
  • I just bought the new Fleetwood Mac GPS. It’s utter rubbish. It just says “you can go your own way”.
  • “Where would we be without the sat-nav?”
  • One of the regular tips we are given is not to set your ‘Home’ address on your GPS to your actual address. This is in case someone steals your car. They’ll know your out and can then proceed to ransack your property. Instead, you should set the ‘Home’ address as that of your local police station. That’ll teach the little toe rags 😉
  • Someone stole my sat nav. My life now lacks direction.
  • Turn left said the sat nav. That’s just not right!


I’ll be adding jokes to this page as I come across them over the next few weeks. It’s amazing the amount of sat nav related jokes I’m told by my friends these days!

If you want a joke added to the list then please drop me a line or add it to the comments below!

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