TomTom cases – worth buying?

  • TomTom cases – worth buying?

I emptied the glove box of the jeep this week. I hadn’t done so for quite  long time. It’s amazing the amount of stuff that just accumulates in that relatively small space. There were pens, pencils, a small colouring book, some Nespresso capsules, a bottle opener, loads of receipts and a GPS case.

It holds an older GPS of mine, the TomTom GO Live. So I figured I’d look to see if the TomTom cases are worth buying?

TomTom Cases – Pros & Cons


  • Protects your GPS
  • Good snug fit
  • Good value


  • No carry strap provided
  • No room for cables
  • Only available in one color

Why Buy A GPS Case?

The main reason why you’d want to consider buying a GPS case is simply to protect the device. If you want to remove the GPS from the car and take it with you then it’s a sensible purchase. Some sat nav devices can cost a few hundred pounds and therefore you’ll want to look after it.

Why Would You Take The GPS Out Of Your Car?

There’s lots of reasons as to why you’d want to take the sat nav with you.

  • Fear of thieves breaking into the car
  • Your hiring a car at the airport. You don’t want to hire a sat nav device as  well.
  • You need to find somewhere on foot/by bus etc
  • Your friend is going away for the weekend and so you let them have it for a few days.
  • You want me to review your product 😉

Whatever the reason it just makes sense to protect your device. After all, you’ve spent money on it right?

TomTom Carry Case


This TomTom case is different from the other versions that are available for sale. This is a softer fabric whereas the others are a hard shell of a case. There’s no zipper on this case which actually turns out to be a good thing. No longer will you catch anything in the zip or accidentally scratch the sides of your TomTom.

Your GPS is secured in place by a magnetic closure. You’ll know it’s in the right place as you’ll here a reassuring click – the case is then closed correctly. Unless your swinging your case around the place then the sat nav should stay quite happily inside the case!

Inside the case there is a softer felt type interior that won’t damage the sat nav. There is also an elasticated side that helps to ensure that the sat nav is held in place securely.

What else can I tell you about this case? Well, it comes in a dark grey color, it’s light to carry and the fabric has a stifled finish. And to be fair there’s not much else to tell you – it does exactly what it says on the tin. Oh, and it does it for a very reasonable price.


You really should buy both a case and a screen cover if you plan on taking the sat nav with you anywhere.

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If you need to carry your GPS for whatever reason it's a no brainer! For around 10 bucks you get a snug little case designed to protect your sat nav device.

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